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Detection Effectiveness Estimation Based on Multi-Angle Data and Visualization Analysis
Feng ZhuXiaofeng HuXiaoyuan HeBo DaiKaiming LiLu Yang
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2020 年 24 巻 4 号 p. 441-452


In intelligent confrontation games, how to estimate the detection effectiveness of the early-warning detection (EWD) system of systems (SoS) is the most important issue that has been studied in hopes of a breakthrough for the long time. The conventional approaches to effectiveness estimation have been reductionism or the linear estimation methods, which are not suitable for the estimation of the effectiveness of EWD SoS. Effectiveness estimation methods and ideas based on complex networks have been proposed and studied, which can inspire that the logic relationship in the SoS can be analyzed by using the network thoughts. As a development of some research based on the Data mode, data and visualization analysis methods have been proposed. In these approaches, the multi-angle data and visualization analysis methods can be utilized to directly show some significant relationships in the SoS from the different aspects, especially from different angles of sight. These statistics and suggested results can be employed to analyze the situation of SoS, so they have potentially important capabilities in terms of the estimation of EWD SoS. Therefore, in this paper, these new ideas are introduced into the study and solution of the problem of the detection effectiveness estimation of EWD SoS. On the basis that the running characteristics of the detecting work of the EWD SoS are described, the data method and idea with multi-angles for EWD SoS are proposed and discussed, and the visualization analysis method and ideas about EWD SoS are suggested and analyzed. Furthermore, a typical application is employed to estimate the detection effectiveness of EWD SoS, based on the data and visualization analysis methods stated in this paper. As the results of the estimate are generally consistent with the actual situation, the validity of the proposed methods is considered proven. The main work in this paper can provide new ideas on the study of the issue of the detection effectiveness estimation of EWD SoS, and it also helpful for SoS analysis and other estimations of effectiveness.



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