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Anomaly Detection Algorithm Based on CFSFDP
Weiwu RenJianfei ZhangXiaoqiang DiYinan LuBochen ZhangJianping Zhao
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2020 年 24 巻 4 号 p. 453-460


Clustering by fast search and find of density peak (CFSFDP) is a simple and crisp density-clustering algorithm. The original algorithm is not suitable for direct application to anomaly detection. Its clustering results have a high level of redundant density information. If used directly as behavior profiles, the computation and storage costs of anomaly detection are high. Therefore, an improved algorithm based on CFSFDP is proposed for anomaly detection. The improved algorithm uses a few data points and their radius to support behavior profiles, and deletes the redundant data points without supporting profiles. This method not only reduces the large amount of data storage and distance calculation in the process of generating profiles, but also reduces the search space of profiles in the detection process. Numerous experiments show that the improved algorithm generates profiles faster than density-based spatial clustering of application with noise (DBSCAN), and has better profile precision than adaptive real-time anomaly detection with incremental clustering (ADWICE). The improved algorithm inherits the arbitrary shape clusters of CFSFDP, and improves the storage and computation performance. Compared with DBSCAN and ADWICE, the improved anomaly-detection algorithm based on CFSFDP has more balanced detection precision and real-time performance.



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