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Journal of Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing
Vol. 10 (2016) No. 7 p. JAMDSM0094



Papers(Special Issue)

In this paper, the design and implementation of a spectacle based obstacle detection system is described. The usage of spectacle based obstacle detection system would help the visually impaired person to scan the surrounding especially at the upper body level from having head level collision. Four pieces of distance measurement sensors is proposed in the travel aid in order to detect the obstacle in each direction including front, down, left and right. If the distance measurement sensor detects an obstacle, the warning system will be activated and a warning signal on the location of the obstacle will be given to the user. The warning devices designed and implemented in the system are audio and vibration warning system. The usage of both warning devices can be switched on either as a single headphone audio or a vibration warning device depending on users' preference and environment. For example, if the user is joining a crowded environment such as market or bus terminal, they are recommended to change and use only the vibration warning device, whereby their stereo hearing sense will be used to capture the sound around them. An evaluation on the developed electronic spectacle was also done in order to produce an effective, reliable and light wearable device.

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