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Effect of temperature on the frictional behavior of 18CrNiMo7-6 under lubrication
Fei LIUYonghong CHENHeping XIEChenyang DOUBingkui CHEN
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2022 Volume 16 Issue 2 Pages JAMDSM0019


In the process of gear meshing, the tooth surface will produce friction heat, which will in turn act on the friction coefficient. The temperature does not directly affect the friction coefficient of the gear tooth surface, but indirectly through affecting the gear material parameters. Based on the relationship between gear material parameters and temperature and the analysis of friction under different states of mixed lubrication, the relationship model between gear surface friction coefficient and temperature was established, and the rotating pin-on-disc tribotest of 18CrNiMo7-6 is carried out. The experimental results show that the friction coefficient does not always rise with the increase of temperature, but fluctuates in the condition of mixed lubrication between 25 and 150°C. There are two low data points, the friction coefficient corresponding to 45-65℃ and 120-140℃, respectively. At the same time, the experimental results can be used to get the model coefficient and verify the correctness of the model.

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