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Effect of Pelvic Girdle Wearing on Pelvic Circumference, Back Pain, and Level of Impairment of Activities of Daily Living during the Early Postpartum Period
Emi MasudaMarie Shimada
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2017 Volume 37 Pages 464-472


Purpose: To examine whether there are differences in pelvic circumference, the presence and severity of lower back pain, and the level of impairment of activities of daily living between women who wrapped a girdle around the pelvis during the postpartum period (intervention group) and those who did not (control group).

Methods: Participants included 82 pregnant women who were followed through the early postpartum period (n = 45 in the intervention group, n = 37 in the control group). For each participant, we measured the pelvic circumference in the third trimester and on days 1 and 4 of postpartum, conducted a questionnaire survey, and statistically analyzed participant questionnaire responses and pelvic measurements.

Results: Pelvic circumference measurements were smaller during the postpartum period than during the third trimester for both groups. Lower back pain was experienced by approximately 60% of the participants in both groups during the study period, and there was no difference in the level of pain reported. In the control group, many participants developed back pain in the first day of the postpartum period. The level of impairment of activities of daily living was reduced over time during the postpartum period for both groups.

Conclusion: In both groups, the pelvic circumference during the early postpartum period was smaller than that during the third trimester; however, we were unable to confirm if girdle-wearing further reduced pelvic circumference measurements. It was inferred that girdle-wearing during the early postpartum period contributes to the prevention of back pain.

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