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Observations of Rolling Over Behavior of Beetles
The Emergence of Environment-Action Systems
Masato Sasaki
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2011 Volume 10 Issue 1 Pages 46-62


The purpose of this study was to observe the rolling over behavior of beetles in relation to several objects. The insect was placed on the floor in a supine position and an object was set beside it. 14 objects were used in this study; the trench of the floor, a towel, a fan, a pan mat, a piece of newspaper, a toothpick, a thin or thick ribbon, a plastic string, a sheet of tissue paper, a T-shirt, a perilla leaf, a sheet of scratch paper, a chopstick and the lid of a film case (see Fig.1 to 17). The insect was able to roll over taking advantages of several environmental properties; an edge, the texture or the hole of the ground, the weight of an object which affords centrifugal force to insect's swinging motion and the gap between solid objects and the ground. Altogether, we found the emergence of three kinds of environment-action system: (1) a single limb - the ground system (see Fig.18a), (2) a soft object - multiple limbs-the round back - the ground system (Fig.18b) and (3) a hard object - multiple limbs-the round back - the ground system (Fig. 18c).

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