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Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition
Vol. 14 (1993) No. 3 P 211-218



The therapeutic efficacy of biotin was evaluated in 43 patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The serum biotin concentration in the patients was significantly lower than that in the 64 healthy control subjects and inversely correlated with the fasting blood glucose level. The oral administration of biotin, 9mg daily, corrected the hyperglycemia in the patients with no change in their serum insulin level. The serum levels of pyruvate and lactate decreased to their normal ranges after the administration. These observations suggest that the biotin administration ameliorates abnormal glucose metabolism in diabetic patients, presumably by enhancing the activity of the biotin-dependent enzyme, pyruvate carboxylase, with a subsequent promotion of glucose utilization for the entry into the tricarboxylic acid cycle. The administration also enhanced the response to glibenclamide in patients who had been resistant to the agent, suggesting a significant increase in the potency of the endogenous insulin action. The result demonstrates that biotin administration is effective for the treatment of the patients. Neither a relapse of clinical symptoms nor an occurrence of undesirable side effects has been observed.

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