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Effect of Bi2O3 on thermal, chemical durability, and bonding properties of V2O5–P2O5–TeO2 glasses for low-temperature sealing glass
Jae-Young SHINJaemin CHABong-Ki RYU
ジャーナル フリー

2018 年 126 巻 7 号 p. 557-562


Lead-free low-melting sealing materials are needed in many fields, especially in organic light-emitting diode and Vacuum-Insulated Glass applications. Accordingly, V2O5–P2O5–TeO2 (VPTe) glass systems have been invested in as lead-free low-melting sealing materials because of their low coefficient of thermal expansions (CTE) and glass transition temperature (Tg). However, these glasses are vulnerable to moisture. This problem can be overcome by adding bismuth oxide to the VPTe glass system. The addition of 9 mol % of Bi2O3 improves water resistance, and causes changes in the Tg increased about 40°C and the CTE decreased about 14 (×10−7/K) that may reflect the structural changes. As a result, the glasses, which are doped with Bi2O3, maintain their low-temperature properties, and they are improved their water resistance about 1.2 × 10−5 (g/cm2/min).

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