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Vol. 83 (2014) No. 4 p. 380-381



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I participated in the IRRI Young Scientists’ Conference (IYSC) held at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) from 14–18 October 2013. The purpose of the IYSC was to provide young scholars/researchers with a chance to present the findings of their research to scientists in the global rice society. This was the second IYSC and held together with the Global Rice Science Partnership (GRiSP) Asia Forum 2013. Not only IRRI scientists, but also NARES (national agricultural research and extension systems) partners in Asia and scientists from other CGIAR centers, attended; thus, there was a diverse audience, having participants from the fields of genetic diversity, better varieties, crop and environment, value adding, targeting and policy, and last-mile delivery. I presented a paper entitled, “Contribution of root system development and hydraulic conductivity to shoot biomass under drought stress conditions in rice” in the session of the genetic diversity. I obtained a lot of new knowledge and ideas from many fruitful comments and advice from both expert and young rice scientists at the conference. I also joined a tour of IRRI to observe the huge gene bank and center pivot. I was very much impressed with the ongoing and future researches in IRRI. Several research groups have been collaborating closely to develop tolerant varieties against multiple stresses such as drought, salinity, heat, and flooding. I learned that such collaborations are essential to connect the achievements generated from basic research with the development of practical and useful varieties. There were a few presentations that showed the benefits of Golden Rice, which has high vitamin A content. Golden Rice will be released in 2016 in the Philippines. There were many opinions and arguments in the session, but I felt that the scientists are working on Golden Rice with a sincere attitude, taking the public into consideration. I would like to express my heartfelt thank to Dr. Ando Radanielson, one of the organizers of the IYSC for his great support. Thanks are also due to Dr. Tsutomu Ishimaru, JIRCAS seconded scientist to IRRI, for his kind advice on this report. The IYSC provided such a wonderful opportunity for young rice scientists like us and we look forward to the next one.

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