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Vol. 21 (2014) No. 1 p. 15-28



特集:Everyday Thingsの認知科学

How should we save our personal memories? Many people keep diaries and take
pictures for that purpose. In this study, we kept things of personal significance in a
time capsule for 9 years and examined whether personal memories could be saved in
a time capsule and how they might possibly change over time. We held a workshop
in 2003 when participants put something that they had possessed which had personal
significance at that time of their life. They were interviewed to explain what kinds of
significance these possessions had for them, and these interview sessions were recorded.
Nine years after the initial workshop, the participants came together again. Before the
time capsule was opened, they were asked to recall what they had put in the time capsule
and to describe in what ways their possession in the time capsule had been significant
to them. By comparing the contents of the participants’ responses between 2003 and
2012, it was found that a great deal of the contents have been changed from 2003 to
2012. Implications were discussed as regards to the significance of objects themselves
and the narratives that go with the objects in preserving personal memories.

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