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Study on the National Disaster Management Administration System Against Huge Disasters – A Discussion Based on the Initial and Emergency Responses to the Great East Japan Earthquake –
Akira KotakiFumio Takeda
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2019 年 14 巻 5 号 p. 843-860


Based on Japan’s experience of establishing and operating the Extreme Disaster Management Headquarters following the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, the authors conclude that it is necessary to deepen the discussion on the following issues and identify a proper direction to be pursued for establishing a disaster management administration system capable of responding appropriately to huge disasters in the future: 1) Expansion and strengthening of the Disaster Management Bureau of the Cabinet Office; 2) Establishment of the Ministry of Disaster Management or Disaster Management Agency [(a) Its relation to the Cabinet Secretariat and Cabinet Office, (b) Jurisdiction (matters related to overall coordination and duties)]; 3) Organizational design that will contribute towards establishing an effective disaster management administration system [(a) Mandatory and full-time appointment of Minister of Disaster Management, (b) Staffing system of designated posts and higher-ranking senior officials, (c) Establishment of Regional Disaster Management Bureaus, (d) Staff size, (e) Desirable approaches to human resources management (accumulation and deepening of experience in disaster response, clarifying working conditions etc.)]; etc.



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