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Contribution of Diabetes to the Incidence and Prevalence of Comorbid Conditions (Cancer, Periodontal Disease, Fracture, Impaired Cognitive Function, and Depression): A Systematic Review of Epidemiological Studies in Japanese Populations
Hirokazu TanakaNoriko Ihana-SugiyamaTakehiro SugiyamaMitsuru Ohsugi
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Background: Several epidemiological studies have determined the relationship between diabetes and the incidence and/or prevalence of recently identified comorbid conditions (cancer, periodontal disease, fracture, cognitive impairment, and depression). These relationships may vary by country or race/ethnicity. We aimed to systematically review studies in this field conducted with the Japanese population because such a review in the Japanese population has never been undertaken.

Methods: We conducted systematic literature searches in PubMed and Ichushi-Web databases for studies published until December 2016. Studies comparing the incidence and/or prevalence of the comorbidities among the Japanese population were included. The studies were classified as integrated analyses, cohort studies, case-control studies, or cross-sectional studies.

Results: We identified 33 studies (cancer: 17, periodontal disease: 5, fracture: 5, cognitive impairment: 4, and depression: 2). Although several cohort studies and meta-analyses had assessed the development of cancer in diabetes, there was scant epidemiological evidence for the other conditions. Indeed, only one cohort study each had been conducted for periodontal disease, fracture, and cognitive impairment, whereas other evidence was cross-sectional, some of which was induced from baseline characteristic tables of studies designed for other purposes.

Conclusion: In Japan, there is insufficient evidence about the relationship between diabetes and the incidence/prevalence of periodontal disease, fracture, cognitive impairment, and depression. By contrast, several cohort studies and integrated analyses have been conducted for the relationship with cancer. Further studies should be undertaken to estimate the contribution of diabetes on the incidence/prevalence of comorbidities that may be specific to the Japanese population.

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