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47th JHEP conference 2019
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~Health Checkup from the Viewpoint of Quality Management~
Tsutomu Hayashi
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2019 Volume 46 Issue 3 Pages 363-369


 The aim of health check-ups is to determine the necessity of medical care. Thus, the determination ability can be regarded as the quality of health check-ups. The thoughts about this determination in health check-ups are similar to those about sensitivity and specificity in statistics. Thus, the instruction rate and response rate to detailed examination, detection rate, etc., which allow the calculation of sensitivity and specificity, can be used as quality indices of health check-ups. Therefore, a full follow-up survey of participants in health check-ups is required. In addition, to more accurately judge health checkup results, we should not judge the results based on uniform standards. Instead, we should establish a standard range for each health checkup item based on individual's physiological changes and use it for the judgment of health checkup results. We should also take aging phenomena into consideration when making judgment. Therefore, we need to accumulate longitudinally comparable results obtained from examinations to always maintain a certain level of precision. Considering that the results may be carried to various institutions, we must provide results that allow longitudinal comparison with those from other health checkup facilities. At the same time, to increase the precision of the judgment of health checkup results, we should educate participants in health check-ups about the importance of their providing feedback of their subsequent health conditions to their health checkup facilities.

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