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The Combination of Mozzarella Cheese Whey and Sugarcane Molasses in the Production of Bioethanol with the Inoculation of Indigenous Yeasts
Roostita L. BALIATb. Benito A. KURNANIGemilang Lara UTAMA
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2018 Volume 97 Issue 9 Pages 266-269


Objectives of the research were to determine the best combination of mozzarella cheese whey and sugarcane molasses as agro-industrial wastes in producing bioethanol with the inoculation of indigenous yeasts. The research has been done experimentally by Completely Randomized Design (CRD) 3 × 3 factorial pattern, and the data was analyzed with ANOVA then continued with Tukey test. Treatments consisted of two factors, i.e. addition of sugarcane molasses (10%, 15%, 20%) and indigenous yeasts combination [C. tropicalis 1 + Blast. capitatus + C. tropicalis 2 (1:1:1), C. tropicalis 1 + Blast. capitatus (1:1), C. tropicalis 1 + C. tropicalis 2 (1:1)] that were replicated three times. Substrates fermented at ambient (25-27 °C) for 24 hours, then the bioethanol contents tested with chromium dichromate oxidation. Results show that the treatment combination of sugarcane molasses concentration and indigenous yeasts combination and single treatments of indigenous yeasts combination have shown significant effects towards the bioethanol contents, meanwhile the treatments of molasses concentration has shown nonsignificant effects. The best bioethanol contents (8.49%) was gained by the treatment combination of 15% sugar cane molasses concentration with the inoculation of C. tropicalis 1 + Blast. capitatus (1:1).

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