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Research for Preference of Konnyaku and Its Eating Habit among Female College Students and Their Mothers
Tomoko KimuraHiroko SasakiSachiko NoguchiNobue NagasawaHarumi InoueShinobu IsshikiTakeshi SuminoMasahiko GotoTatsuyuki Sugahara
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2004 Volume 14 Issue 4 Pages 298-308


We conducted a research study regarding the preference of konnyaku and its eating habit among 1, 727 female college students and their 1, 723 mothers, The following results were obtained.
(1) Konnyaku is the food both daughters and mothers like. The “Feeling of tasting it good” and “It supplies dietary fiber” are the top reasons for eating. Eating it Once or twice a month is the highest category at 53%. In addition, students, who are on a diet, eat it most frequently (p<0.05).
(2) In terms Of area, both the daughters and mothers who like the white co1Or one live in Hokkaido and Tohoku while the black colOr one is overwhelmingly favored in other areas. In addition, there is aI Ocal characteristics of how to eat it.
(3) In terms of cooking, “oden” and “boiled and seasoned food” are ranked at the top among both daughters and mothers, but the daughters rank “jelly”, a new product, higher than mothers by 22 points.
(4) Approximately 75% of both daughters and mothers “know” the physiological and functional effects of konnyaku, which include “getting rid of constipation” and “preventing obeseness” that are ranked at the top. However, there is astatistical difference between daughters and mothers (p<0.01).
(5) In the awareness research of konnyaku, daughters scored lower than mothers in knowledge level and the number of correct answers regarding its cooking attributes, where it was produced and being a new product.

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