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Journal of the Japanese Society for Horticultural Science
Vol. 75 (2006) No. 5 P 372-378




Self-incompatibility and compatibility of 65 citrus accessions were determined by pollen tube growth in the style. Lemon was self-compatible whereas the six pummelos and seven out of 11 its relatives were self-incompatible. Furthermore, among sour oranges and their relatives, two out of six accessions were, likewise, self-incompatible as were one out of five sweet orange and their relatives. Every yuzu and its relatives, except hyuga-natsu, were self-compatible. Of the mandarin and its relatives, 14 out of 28 accessions were self-incompatible, whereas calamondin, a kumquat relative, and Hedzuka daidai of diverse origin were self-compatible. Thirty-one out of 65 accessions used in this study were self-incompatible. Of the self-incompatible accessions, clementine and ‘Ariake’, a hybrid of navel orange and clementine, were cross-incompatible. Thus, the incompatible genotypes of those two accessions were considered to be identical.

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