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The relations of the chemical constituents to the qualities in dried persimmons (1)
The chemical constituents and the qualities of the products prepared with several varieties
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1956 Volume 25 Issue 1 Pages 49-53


(1) To find out the relations of the chemical constituents to the qualities of the dried persim-mons prepared with several varieties by dehydration, sugar, pectin and crude fiber contents in the products were determined by chemical analysis in 1954.
(2) It was found that the sweetness of the products did not depend upon the fructose-glucose ratio but simply upon the total sugar content. The total sugar content was high in the varieties Yamatohyakume, Hiratanenashi, Saijo and Yotsu-mizo while it was comparatively low in Dojohachiya, Yokono and Atago.
(3) Although there were no remarkable differences in total pectin content among almost varieties, there were found considerable differences in soluble pectin. This amount was high especially in Yotsumizo and Ichida, but low in Gionbo, Atago, Dojohachiya and Yokono.
(4) There were rather small differences in crude fiber content among the varieties, but this content in Tateishi and Yamatohyakume was seemed to be somewhat low.
(5) From the results of these analytical experiments, it was supposed that the qualities of dried persimmons would be almost expressed by the combinations of total sugar, soluble pectin and crude fiber contents. However, among these three components the total sugar was definitely important.
(6) The average fructose-glucose ratio was 1:0.89 in the pulp portion of products while it was 1:6.15 in powdery deposit (white bloom) on the surface of products.

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