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Some Observations on the Reversibility of Ricôme's Effect in Grape Vine
Y. Oinoue
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1932 Volume 3 Issue 1 Pages 41-48


Some Observations on the Reversibility of Ricôme's Effect in Grape Vine.
The author continued his studies on the variations of grape shoots growth caused by the change of their direction. After the results obtained, he concluded that the linear growth of the shoots in vegetation placed in the opposite direction to the gravitation is always more active than that of the shoots directed parallelly to the gravitation and that we had to affirm the existence of a concrete liaison between variations of the morphological quantities and those of the biochemical quantities. The figures given by the chemical analysis of the shoots placed in the two directions quite opposite showed us that both nitrogen and carbohydrate contents are more ample in the shoots grown uprightly than in those directed freely downward and that the nitrogen content is relatively small in comparison with the carbohydrate in the shoots grown towards the earth than those which grew uprightly. The author observed in this experiment that the physiological reaction, caused by the change of the direction, appeared but some days after the operation and that it became more and more acute to some measure. The author added in this paper that he could not accept non-conditionally the physiological value of the C/N and pointed out that the absolute quantity of nitrogen or carbohydrate in plantt tissues should play rather an important rôle and lie thinks then much of the m value of the Cm/N for the pomological researches.

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