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Studies on the control of oriental fruit moth, Grapholitha molesta BUSCK
Parasitism of M. ancylivorus ROHWER (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)
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1966 Volume 35 Issue 4 Pages 339-344


This study was conducted in order to investigate the parasitism of Macrocentrus ancylvorus Rohwer imported from Canada as an agent for biological control of the Oriental Fruit Moth. The major results obtained are summarized as follows.
1. 313 male and 345 female adults of Macrocentrus were obtained from imported material at Fukushima Horticultural Experiment Station under insectary condition.
2. Satisfactory parasitization of host larvae was obtained by releasing parasites into a rearing cage in which pieces of apple which harbour host larvae are hooked on a wire. A good deal of parasitization was also obtained by exposing infested tender twigs of peach in a rearing cage to the oviposition of parasite.
3. Host larvae were exposed to the oviposition of parasite for about 44 hours in rearing the first generation after importation and for 24 hours in rearing the second generation. It was found that exposure for 24 hours was enough.
4. The duration for development for the first generation after importation lasted 21 to 28 days and that for the second generation 33.5 to 66.5 days.
5. More females emerged both in the first and the second generations, the ratio of female to male being 1.1 for the first and 1.7 for the second generation.

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