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Studies on the resistance of chestnut trees to chestnut gall wasps
III. Plant growth regulators contained in chestnut gall wasps and host gall tissues
Shuichiro MATSUIHirotaka TORIKATA
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1970 Volume 39 Issue 2 Pages 115-123


Growth substances extracted from the larvae of chestnut gall wasps and the tissues of their proto-plasmic galls were separated into petroleum ether, ether, ethanol and water soluble fractions. From these fractions, detections of indole compounds by Avena straight growth test, chlorophyll retention test for kinins and ability of gall formation were studied.
1. Tryptophane being the precursor of IAA was detected in larvae of chestnut gall wasps and also in gall tissues. This compound showed the activity of Avena straight growth, and this activity was a little greater in larvae fractions than in gall tissue ones. IAA was not detected in both tissues.
2. Kinins delaying the degradation of chlorophyll in the first leaf sections of barley existed in each tissue.
3. Gall formation substance was found in larvae′s tissues. This substance did not cause cecidogenesis with regard to the resistant variety. Considering that kinetin was able to form the galls, it may be kinin-like substance. In gall tissues, such substance did not exist.

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