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The Relation Between Growth Inhibitor and Phenols in Developing Berry of ‘Muscat of Alexandria’ Grape
Masanori OHKAWA
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1985 Volume 53 Issue 4 Pages 383-389


Although the total phenol content in the berry of grape (Vitis vinifera L. cv. ‘Muscat of Alexandria’) was kept constant during period II and III, the qualitative changes of the phenols could be found before and after veraison. Three of 7 fractions, which were separated from the berry by several organic solvents, exhibited growth inhibitory activity in the avena coleoptile straight growth test. By the 1-demensional paper chromatogram, the activity was found at the Rf differing from that of ABA in period II, while it was found at the Rf corresponding that of ABA late in period III.
Nineteen spots were detected on the 2-dimensional paper chromatogram and 13 of them showed phenolic reactions to UV light and some reagents. Among the 13 phenolic spots, 5 were large in area on the paper chromatogram in period II, but they were small or none in period III. The reverse was true for other 3, excepted the 5, among the phenolic spots.
Among the phenolic spots, 4 showed no change in area on the paper chromatogram during period II and III. The phenolic spot, which remained at the original point on 2-dimension paper chromatogram, exhibited the growth inhibitory activity and it showed large in area in period II but small after veraison.
Four spots did not show phenolic reactions with all reagents, and 2 of them were large in area during period II including veraison, and none in period III. One or 2 of them may have the growth inhibitory activity. From this experiment, it may assumed that the berry growth is retarded during period II by phenols as immovably associated tannin and nonphenolic compounds, and late in period III by ABA like substance.

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