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Transactions of Japan Society of Kansei Engineering
Vol. 11 (2012) No. 3 p. 407-417



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This is a feasibility study that uses various visual images of products to investigate an abstract concept known as tiresomeness. Tiresomeness can be an important criterion when consumers make up their minds to purchase new products. This study aims to grasp the characteristics of tiresomeness and how consumers generally recognize its existence, as well as to clarify the conditions that evoke tiresomeness. Based on a discrimination experiment, visual elements associated with product designs are extracted to study the conditions that influence whether a consumer gets tired of observing visual images of 12 products. Tiresomeness is produced as “function”, “design”, “experience”, “time” and “interest”. It is clarified that the design elements that controll tiresomeness are “simplicity”, “statement”, “the number of colors”, and “usability”.

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