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The Relational Structure Analysis of Onomatopoeia with Sensory Modality for the Transfer Communication of Visual Image
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2015 Volume 14 Issue 1 Pages 145-153


When a company or an individual disseminate their information on advertising and sales promotion. Between several people who is a client and a designer or a designer and an illustrator and a photographer have a scene to share the visual image. In the transmission communication of visual image, onomatopoeia is able to convey information with a sense of reality. Onomatopoeia because the words that are interpreted by the sense modality. (the sense modality : Visual, Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory, Tactual) Therefore, in this study, it was intended from association with sensory modality of onomatopoeia in the transfer communication of visual image, and to clarify the relational structure of onomatopoeia. Elucidation of the semantic structure was included ambiguity of onomatopoeia. It will enable the discussion about how to use and understandable meaning of onomatopoeia. The onomatopoeia of 200 words were investigated by the MD method and analyzed using the SS analysis and cluster analysis. And we assume that the semantic interpretation is determined by the strength of the association of the Modal. I discussed the rank structure. As a result, it is considered onomatopoeia of the group that there is a direction of understanding meaning is effective communication to convey the impression with vague. In addition, differences were observed in the technique of description and usage, selection onomatopoeia between expert and novice. It depends on skills and knowledge.

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