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Characteristics of Transactive Relationship Phenomena among Older adults, Care Workers as Intermediaries, and the Pepper Robot with Care Prevention Gymnastics Exercises
Ryuichi TaniokaHiroko SugimotoYuko YasuharaHirokazu ItoKyoko OsakaYueren ZhaoYoshihiro KaiRozzano LocsinTetsuya Tanioka
ジャーナル フリー

2019 年 66 巻 1.2 号 p. 46-49


Healthcare for older adults is a significant problem in Japan and in other developed countries. To address this problem, healthcare robots, now realized, can assist and meet healthcare and welfare practice demands. The aim of this study was to clarify characteristics of Transactive Relationships (TR) in older adults, in care workers as intermediaries, and Pepper (Softbank Robotics Corporation) a robot equipped with the application program of Care Prevention Gymnastics Exercises for Pepper (Pepper-CPGE) made by Xing Company, Japan. Data were collected by observing TRs between Pepper and older patients in Kagawa Prefecture,Japan between from May 8 to August 1 2018. The Transactive Relationship Theory of Nursing (TRETON) was used to explain how Pepper-CPGE led the exercises with older adults as physical exercises. The role of PepperCPGE was to provide instructions for the older adults in performing gymnastic exercises. During the exercising activity, care workers were present to prevent falls of the older adults, and to operate and observe the video presentations by supporting and caring for the participants. In using Pepper-CPGE, it was possible to change the role of the healthcare providers, originally thought to contribute to increasing the quality of older adult care and their rehabilitation. J. Med. Invest. 66 : 46-49, February, 2019

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