Journal of Neuroendovascular Therapy
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Case Reports
A Case of Herpes Encephalitis Occurring after Aneurysmal Coil Embolization
Kazuyuki KuwayamaTaku MatsudaHirotaka HaginoHidekazu TaniguchiYoshinobu Nakagawa
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2017 年 11 巻 12 号 p. 619-624


Objective: We report a case of herpes encephalitis that occurred after coil embolization of cerebral aneurysm.

Case Presentation: A 66-year-old woman underwent stent-assisted coil embolization for the recurrence of basilar tip aneurysm. She was discharged to home but noted fever 30 days after the procedure, and as she developed disorientation and disturbance of consciousness, she consulted the outpatient clinic of our hospital. MRI showed abnormal signals mainly in the mesial right temporal lobe, and with a diagnosis of herpes encephalitis based on the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) tap test, acyclovir drip infusion was performed. While disturbance of consciousness was resolved, disorientation and short-term memory loss persisted.

Conclusion: There is a possibility that herpes encephalitis was induced by the intracranial endovascular procedure. Herpes encephalitis should be recognized as a possible complication after intracranial endovascular therapy.

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