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Case Reports
A Case of Embolic Stroke due to a Thrombosed Cerebral Aneurysm that Underwent Mechanical Thrombectomy
Ryuta YasudaNaoki TomaYoshinari NakatsukaFumihiro KawakitaYasuyuki UmedaSeiji HatazakiMai NampeiMasato ShibaHiroshi SakaidaHidenori Suzuki
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2017 年 11 巻 4 号 p. 192-196


Objective: We report a case of embolic stroke due to a thrombosed cerebral aneurysm that underwent mechanical thrombectomy.

Case Presentation: A 39-year-old female was brought to our hospital by an ambulance with sudden left hemiparesis and dysarthria. Detailed examination revealed a partially thrombosed aneurysm of the right internal carotid artery and embolism of the right middle cerebral artery. Emergent mechanical thrombectomy was performed, and thrombolysis in cerebral infarction (TICI) 2b recanalization was achieved. There was no other potential source of cerebral embolism, and the thrombosed aneurysm was considered an etiology for the embolism. After the endovascular treatment, antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapies were conducted, leading to the disappearance of the intra-aneurysmal thrombus.

Conclusion: Mechanical thrombectomy is effective for embolic stroke due to an unruptured thrombosed cerebral aneurysm if devices are carefully manipulated in an area adjacent to the aneurysm.

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