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Fundamental Study on the Evaluation of the Vascular Lumen after Carotid Artery Stenting Using 3D-rotational Angiography with Diluted Contrast Medium
Shogo YodaYusuke HamadaSatoru KawauchiHideyuki SakumaTatsuo AmanoMasayuki SatoYuji Matsumaru
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2018 年 12 巻 1 号 p. 20-28


Objective: Due to the recent increase in the availability of cone-beam CT (CBCT), delineation of blood vessels and intracranial stents using CBCT has been well-reported, but reports using 3D-rotational angiography (3D-RA) have been few. We evaluated delineation of carotid artery stents using 3D-RA with diluted contrast medium.

Methods: We prepared simulated blood vessel phantoms covered by carotid artery stents different in material and shape. The phantoms were encapsulated with different concentration of contrast medium, and scanned using 3D-RA. The appropriate concentration of contrast medium was evaluated.

Results: The appropriate concentrations of diluted contrast medium were 50–17% for the Carotid Wall Stent (Boston Scientific, Natick, MA, USA) and 20%–10% for PRECISE (Johnson & Johnson, Miami, FL, USA) and PROTÉGÉ (Covidien, Irvine, CA, USA).

Conclusion: The appropriate concentration of contrast medium varied with carotid artery stent. By selecting an appropriate degree of dilution, the stent shape, plaque, intimal thickening, and vascular lumen in the stent can be visualized. Therefore, it is possible to evaluate vascular lumen after carotid artery stenting.


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