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Spontaneous Disappearance of a Hepatic Cyst
Hiroshi YoshidaMasahiko OndaTakashi TajiriYasuhiro MamadaNobuhiko TaniaiEiji UchidaYasuo ArimaKoho AkimaruEiichi Uchida
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2001 Volume 68 Issue 1 Pages 58-60


The spontaneous disappearance of a hepatic cyst is described. A 62-year-old woman presented with symptoms of general fatigue in August 1992. Her past medical history was significant for chronic hepatitis, which was diagnosed in 1990 but not treated. Initial laboratory tests revealed mild liver dysfunction with a positive serologic test for hepatitis C. In August 1992, ultrasonography and computed tomography disclosed a cystic lesion along the middle hepatic vein in the right anterior segment of the liver, which was 40 mm in diameter. Repeat radiologic studies in June 1994 demonstrated that the size of the cyst was unchanged. In May 1995, the cyst was only 25 mm in diameter, and it continued to decrease in size thereafter, to 10 mm in September 1995 and 7 mm in September 1996. No hepatic cyst was visualized in December 1996, though the region in which the cyst existed was hyperechoic. Laboratory data were essentially unchanged from August 1992 to December 1996. Clinically the patient remained asymptomatic.

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