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A note on the occurrence of Zoelucasa sablensis Nicholls, 2012 (Cercozoa, Incertae Sedis): Morphology and environment, recorded from the east coast of Scotland, North Sea
Jim Buckman
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2023 年 55 巻 p. 1-5


Zoelucasa sablensis is a small (under 22 µm) pyriform heterotrophic flagellate recorded from nearshore marine environments from the northern hemisphere, which have only been recorded in limited numbers. The paucity of further material, including the current lack of southern hemisphere examples, may be due to the small size of the Zoelucasa and the relative smaller numbers of investigation into relevant environments in the southern hemisphere. The current paper illustrates and discusses the occurrence of Z. sablensis from the east coast of Scotland, North Sea; confirming the siliceous nature of the test, reinterpreting the microstructure of the scales and extending the known environmental range to brackish water conditions.

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