Journal of Oral Science
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Case report
Periodic exacerbation of gingival inflammation during the menstrual cycle
Nobuko KoreedaYoshihiro IwanoMamoru KishidaAyako OtsukaAki KawamotoNaoyuki SuganoKoichi Ito
ジャーナル フリー

2005 年 47 巻 3 号 p. 159-164


Sex hormones are believed to be a risk factor for periodontitis because of their ability to proliferate specific periodontal microorganisms and affect host immunologic response. In this case report, gingival redness and swelling occurred during the menstrual cycle, although the patient maintained good oral hygiene during periodontal treatment. Medical history revealed that exacerbation of gingival infla-mmation corresponded to the menstrual cycle and occurred during the ovulation period, when estrogen levels are high. Mean bleeding index of the ovulation period (18.9%) showed higher levels than that during the menstrual phase (5.3%). This case indicates that frequent and effective maintenance should be provided while considering the influence of the menstrual cycle, as sex hormones may be involved in exacerbating gingival inflammation. (J. Oral Sci. 47, 159-164, 2005)

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