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Journal of Oral Science
Vol. 42 (2000) No. 2 P 83-86



Cannulation procedures have shown thatα-amylase is produced primarily by the parotid gland, whereas lysozyme is produced mainly by the submandibular and sublingual glands. In this study, the ratio of lysozyme to a-amylase was determined in whole human saliva following challenge with various gustatory and mechanical stimuli. Comparison of this ratio with the immediately preceding “baseline” value, and knowledge of the salivary glandular origin of these enzymes, gives an indication of the level of activation of these differing glands. This methodology obviates the need for invasive cannulation techniques. The findings also show that strong taste stimuli, such as salt, activate the submandibular/sublingual glands more as compared to the parotid gland. (J. Oral Sci. 42, 83-86, 2000)

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