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Review Article
Exercise training based on individual physical fitness and interval walking training to prevent lifestyle-related diseases in middle-aged and older people
Hiroshi NoseMayuko MorikawaShizue MasukiKen MiyagawaYoshi-ichiro KamijoHirokazu Gen-no
ジャーナル フリー

2012 年 1 巻 1 号 p. 65-71


Physical inactivity contributes to type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, dementia, and cancer, defined as the “diseasome of physical inactivity”; however, there is no exercise training regimen broadly available in the field to prevent such diseasome. The reasons are that there is no database on the effects of exercise training according to inter-individual variations in physical fitness, disease, and genetic background. The authors have developed interval walking training, a portable calorimeter, and the e-Health Promotion System, which enables one to develop a database to provide the most appropriate exercise prescription for individuals to prevent diseasome. Also, it will enable exercise prescriptions to evolve to the level of the current nutritional prescription system which is broadly used in hospitals and health centers by dieticians and nurses and supported by national health insurance.

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