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Dehydrogenation of n-Butane to Butadiene over Pt–Sn/MgO–Al2O3
Iori KikuchiYoichi HaibaraMasa-aki OhshimaHideki KurokawaHiroshi Miura
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2012 Volume 55 Issue 1 Pages 33-39


Butadiene demand is expected to increase rapidly, particularly in developing countries. We developed a new production process of butadiene that will allow suppliers to produce sufficient amount of butadiene. In this study, we focused on n-butane dehydrogenation, and evaluated the activity of Pt–Sn catalysts supported on Fe2O3–Al2O3, ZnO–Al2O3 and MgO–Al2O3 prepared by the co-precipitation method. Pt–Sn/MgO–Al2O3 (Mg/Al = 1/2) showed the highest activity and butadiene yield. Support composition of MgO–Al2O3 influenced the catalyst activity. The catalysts underwent deactivation owing to coke deposits over the catalyst, and their activity was recovered after regeneration treatment. Addition of Mg was effective in suppressing coke formation, as revealed by TG-DTA analysis. Reaction temperature and Sn/Pt molar ratio were changed effectively in order to increase the butadiene yield, and the results showed that Sn suppresses the side reaction over the support surface. Sintering of Pt particles was inhibited by the addition of Mg and Sn.

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