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Patient satisfaction and preference with thermoplastic resin removable partial dentures: a randomised cross-over trial
Kenji FuekiEiko Yoshida-KohnoYuka InamochiNoriyuki Wakabayashi
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2019 Volume 64 Issue 1 Pages 20-25


Purpose: This randomised cross-over trial aimed to comparatively investigate patient preference and satisfaction with thermoplastic resin removable partial dentures (TR-RPDs) and conventional metal clasp-retained removable partial dentures (MC-RPDs).

Methods: Twenty-eight partially dentate subjects were enrolled and randomised to receive MC-RPDs followed by TR-RPDs or vice versa (n = 14, each group). The subjects were asked to score overall satisfaction and denture-related parameters 3 months after delivery of each denture. Additionally, they were asked to choose their preferred denture type at the end of the trial.

Results: Of the 28 subjects, 24 (86%; mean age, 67.3 years) completed the trial. The overall satisfaction scores and ratings for oral appearance with TR-RPDs were significantly higher than those with MC-RPDs (P < 0.05). Moreover, 75% (18/24) and 83% (20/24) of the subjects reported greater overall satisfaction and better oral appearance with TR-RPDs than with MC-RPDs (P < 0.001, both). Scores for mucosal pain and food impaction were significantly better with TR-RPDs than with MC-RPDs (P < 0.05). Relative to MC-RPDs, TR-RPDs provided slightly better oral comfort and speech, although the differences were not statistically significant (P > 0.05). Scores for chewing ability, denture stability, and ease of denture cleaning were almost identical for both types of dentures.

Conclusions: These results suggest that TR-RPDs hold an advantage over MC-RPDs in terms of oral appearance and can offer greater satisfaction than MC-RPDs in partially dentate arches with at least an occluding pair in the posterior region.

Clinical trial registration: UMIN Clinical Trials Registry (UMIN000007310).

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