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Muscle Activations of the Paraspinal Muscles in Different Types of Shoe during Walking
Miseung KimSumin KimSeurim KimJinhyun ParkDongwook Han
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2012 Volume 24 Issue 9 Pages 905-907


[Purpose] This study researched the effect of different types of shoe on the muscles surrounding the cervical spine, the thoracic spine and the lumbar spine by analyzing muscle activation of the paravertabral muscle during walking on flat ground. [Subjects] The 28 subjects of this experiment were females in their 20s, with a foot size of 235–240 mm and a normal gait pattern, who had no foot deformities or muscle problems. [Methods] We selected three kinds of shoes sized 240 mm, and measured the muscle activation of the paraspinal muscles around C4, T12 and L3, and the trapezius and multifidus muscle. [Results] The muscle activations of all muscles differed significantly among the shoes. Especially, at the C4 paraspinal muscle and trapezius, the value of muscle activation induced by the flat shoes was the lower than those induced by the other shoes. The muscle activation induced by the functional walking shoes was significantly higher than that induced by the flat shoes at the C4 paraspinal muscle, and the muscle activations induced by the high-heel shoes were significantly higher than those induced by the other shoes in all of the muscles except for the L3 paraspinal muscle. [Conclusion] In view of these results, wearing high-heel shoes is not recommended for those who have spinal problems, and those who have cervical troubles should be advised to wear only flat shoes.

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