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Low Back Load Produced by Changing a Diaper at Various Bed Heights Experienced by Female Care Workers in a Nursing Home
Kaoru KyotaKeiko TsukasakiAtsuko Nomura
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2013 年 25 巻 4 号 p. 469-475


[Purpose] Muscle activities and subjective evaluations were compared while changing diapers at various bed heights to investigate working techniques and bed heights for reducing low back load. [Subjects] The subjects were 21 skilled caregivers. [Methods] Bed height was adjusted to the level at which the subjects usually changed diapers, their preferred level, and 45% of the subject’s height. The activities of eight muscles and subjective evaluation were compared among the various heights. [Results] The bed height at which subjects usually changed diapers was 51.7 cm, the preferred bed height was 63.4 cm, and 45% of subjects’height was 71.0 cm, showing significant differences. Right erector spinae activities were significantly different among three heights, as were subjective evaluations. The diaper-changing fulcrum differed: it was set at the thighs and knees at the routine height; at the thighs, knees, and lower abdominal region at the preferred height; and at the thighs at 45% of the subject’s height. [Conclusions] Skilled caregivers mastered adjustment of the diaper-changing fulcrum corresponding to the bed height. It was also suggested that the erector spinae muscle activity level and subjective low back load may not be consistent when 45% of the subject’s height.

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