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No significant correlation between the intensity of static stretching and subject’s perception of pain
Wootaek LimHyunju Park
キーワード: Dynamometer, Pain, Stretching
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2017 年 29 巻 10 号 p. 1856-1859


[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to determine whether the intensity of static stretching measured quantitatively is related to subjects’ perception of pain. [Subjects and Methods] Sixty-eight participants were recruited. Static stretching was performed once for 30 seconds while maintaining the knee at 0° flexion and was continued to the point where pain was recognized. The intensity of stretching exerted by the practitioner was quantitatively measured by using a handheld dynamometer (HHD). A subject’s pain scaled on one’s perception was measured by using the visual analog scale (VAS). [Results] No significant correlation was found between the intensity of stretching and the VAS score representing the subject’s pain scaled on one’s perception. In this study, the most frequent VAS score was 7, and the mean VAS score was 5.57 ± 1.77. The stretching intensity measured by using a HHD ranged from 28.4 to 133.0 N (mean, 72.04 ± 22.37 N). [Conclusion] This study showed that the intensity of stretching quantitatively measured by using HHD did not correlate with the degree of pain reported by the subjects. Therefore, subjective responses cannot guarantee a consistent application of intensity.

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