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Optimum culture duration for growing oocytes to attain meiotic and fertilization competence
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2017 Volume 63 Issue 6 Pages 591-595


To determine the optimum culture duration for porcine growing oocytes (GOs) to attain maturation competence, we examined the meiotic competence, chromatin configuration, and fertilization ability of porcine oocytes obtained from early antral follicles and cultured for 10–16 days. The survival rate of oocytes after 10 days of culture (62.8%) was similar to that of oocytes after 12 days of culture (55%) and significantly higher than that of oocytes cultured for 14 and 16 days (52.9 and 24.3%, respectively). No significant difference was observed in the diameter of ooplasm from oocytes cultured for different durations (117.4–118.3 μm). The maturation rates of surviving oocytes after 10 and 16 days of culture (38.3 and 22.7%, respectively) were significantly lower than those of oocytes cultured for 12 and 14 days, and their in vivo counterparts (52.8–62.4%). The number of oocytes with surrounded-nucleolus chromatin was significantly lower in the 10-day culture group (78.4%) as compared with 14-day culture and in vivo counterpart groups (93.6 and 95.1%, respectively). After in vitro maturation and intracytoplasmic sperm injection, no significant difference was observed in the rate of fertilization among oocytes cultured for 12 and 14 days, and their in vivo counterparts (40.5–47.2%). Thus, porcine GOs required at least 12 days to acquire meiotic and fertilization competence, and the culture duration to maximize the number of mature oocytes ranged from 12 to 14 days.

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