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Special Issue on Real World Robot Challenge in Tsukuba and Osaka
Development of Edge-Node Map Based Navigation System Without Requirement of Prior Sensor Data Collection
Kazuki TakahashiJumpei ArimaToshihiro HayataYoshitaka NagaiNaoya SugiuraRen FukatsuWataru YoshiuchiYoji Kuroda
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2020 年 32 巻 6 号 p. 1112-1120


In this study, a novel framework for autonomous robot navigation system is proposed. The navigation system uses an edge-node map, which is easily created from electronic maps. Unlike a general self-localization method using an occupancy grid map or a 3D point cloud map, there is no need to run the robot in the target environment in advance to collect sensor data. In this system, the internal sensor is mainly used for self-localization. Assuming that the robot is running on the road, the position of the robot is estimated by associating the robot’s travel trajectory with the edge. In addition, node arrival determination is performed using branch point information obtained from the edge-node map. Because this system does not use map matching, robust self-localization is possible, even in a dynamic environment.



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