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2023 年 16 巻 1 号 p. 1-7


Thallusin, isolated from a marine bacterium, is the only known natural product that acts as an algal morphogenesis-inducing factor. Recently, there has been a decrease in the number and variety of marine algae in the oceans of the world. Although the exact mechanism for this reduction in biodiversity is unclear, the biological investigation of thallusin, which controls the growth of marine algae, may help limit any further decline in their number. Because natural thallusin can only be obtained in exceedingly limited amounts from microbial cultivation (i.e., 0.14 mg from 180 L of culture fluid of the YM2-23 strain), a synthetic supply of thallusin is highly desirable. Against this backdrop, we embarked on the synthetic study of thallusin, and the asymmetric total synthesis of thallusin has been achieved based on the enzymatic hydrolysis resolution by the combination of lipase PS-30 and lipase MA-10. This synthetic strategy was further applied to the syntheses of thallusin analogues, facilitating to investigate the biological properties of thallusin. Furthermore, effective culture conditions for Monostroma latissimum, belonging to Ulotrichales, were explored by investigating the effects of nutrient salts such as Fe2+, Mn2+ and Co2+ in the culture medium supplemented with thallusin.

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