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2011 年 4 巻 1 号 p. 9-14


The current situation of seeding, farming, production, processing of Porphyra yezoensis in China was shown in this paper involving to aspects such as the historical records of nori in China, fine strain selective breeding of P. yezoensis, separation and proliferation, cultivation engineering, research of the prevention of primary diseases and the relevant methods and techniques, first and second processing technique, and the quality analysis etc. Culture technique of P. yezoensis turns from manual to semiautomatic and to automatic, and achieved localization in some aspects of techniques. Great progress has been made in many fields such as breeding selection, seedling management, diseases control, application and popularization of short-term cold storage technology, and the quality control. The technique of separation and proliferation of conchocelis has been mastered as well. The farming area and export-volume of P. yezoensis and P. haitanensis in China are in the front row in the world that reveals vast potential for future development.   But we also have some open questions as follows:   1. Select fine varieties and strain of Porphyra yezoensis;   2. Diseases occur frequently, the per unit area yield is difficult to increase;   3. Tideland reclamation increase for development of economy, then the cultivation sea area moves to open seas, lead to cost increase; Prospect of Nori industry in China:   1. The Chinese nori enterprises which integrate seeding, farming, processing, into one system, has great development potential;   2. Quantity demand of nori in the world market increases, result in rise of the laver's unit price, and the nori industry has vast potential for future development;   3. Believe the Chinese nori industry will obtain a great future as Japanese and South Korean

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