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Characterization of a novel mutant with inhibition of storage root formation in sweet potato
Hyungjun ParkTomoko AbeHisato KunitakeTomonari Hirano
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2023 年 73 巻 2 号 p. 212-218


Sweet potato is a widely cultivated crop with storage roots. Although many studies have been conducted on the mechanism of its storage root formation, the details have not been fully elucidated. We screened mutant lines with inhibition of storage root formation to clarify parts of the mechanism. In this study, the process of storage root formation in one of the mutant lines, C20-8-1, was investigated. The inhibition of storage root formation was observed during the early stages of growth. The roots in C20-8-1 did not show histological differences compared to those in wild type. The transition from fibrous roots to pencil roots, which are the developmental stages prior to mature storage root formation, was delayed or inhibited in C20-8-1. The upregulation of starch biosynthesis-related genes and downregulation of lignin biosynthesis genes with storage root swelling were not confirmed in the root of C20-8-1 during the developmental transition stage, suggesting that most of the roots in C20-8-1 are in the pre-transition state toward the storage root swelling. C20-8-1 showed a mutant phenotype during the critical period of storage root swelling initiation, and further clarification of this mutation is expected to provide new insights into storage root formation.


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