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Expression of seed storage proteins responsible for maintaining kernel traits and wheat flour quality in common wheat under heat stress conditions
Hiroyuki TanakaYasir S. A. GorafiMotohiro FujitaHaruka SasakiIzzat S. A. TahirHisashi Tsujimoto
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Heat stress during grain filling has been documented to decrease wheat grain yield and quality in arid regions worldwide. We studied the effect of heat stress on wheat flour quality in heat tolerant cultivars to define the effects of heat stress on flour quality and to identify germplasm combining traits for heat tolerance and good flour quality. We studied the kernel phenotypic traits, the expression of seed storage proteins (SSPs), and the resulting flour quality under heat and normal conditions. Under heat stress, all cultivars yielded narrow-shaped seeds, and increased protein contents as compared to the control plants grown under normal conditions. The specific sedimentation values used to estimate the gluten quality varied between cultivars. We identified cultivars that could maintain good flour quality under heat stress conditions: ‘Imam’, which possessed the Glu-D1d allele responsible for the suitable bread-making; ‘Bohaine’, which displayed high expression level of SSPs; and ‘Condor’, which possessed slight variations in the ratio of each SSP under heat stress conditions. Combining the desirable traits from these cultivars could yield a wheat cultivar with heat tolerance and good flour quality.

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