Equilibrium Research
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渡辺 忠彦成瀬 知彦猪飼 康雄服部 芳樹福田 精
ジャーナル フリー

1986 年 45 巻 2 号 p. 101-106


An intelligent stabilometer and a stepping test graphical analyzer were devised by the utilization of a microcomputer-powered stabilometer equipped with software for an automatic analysis of the basic stabilo-metry and of the stepping test. The instrument is able to communicate with any host computer through a telecommunication line. Thus, measured raw data can be transferred to the host, and stored in its magnetic storage devices and processed with its unique analyzing software.
This means that achievement of the recommendations for stabilometry proposed by the Committee for Standardization of Equilibrium Examinations has easily come within the range of possibility.
In the stepping test, measurements and recordings of stepping deviations are automatically performed with higher precision, and the time processes of step-by-step changing stepping deviations are objectively made evident. Furthermore, the possibility of measurement and analysis of body sway during stepping and of the rhythm of stepping is in view.

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