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Vol. 23 (2003) No. 5 P 279-285



Mini Review

Now in Japan, registered cord blood (CB) units are rapidly increasing in number and 1,205 CB units have been already shipped for cord blood transplantation (CBT) since 1997 by the end of August 2003 in Japan Cord Blood Bank Network system.
Tokyo cord blood bank now registered up to 3,075 cryopreserved CB units in Japan Cord Blood Net Work (JCBNW), NETCORD and BMDW. All CBs have been processed by HES method and cryopreserved by controlled rate freezing by August 1999 and now cryopreserved by Bioarchive system, which contains the programmed freezing system. Our processing standard were based on the JCBNW and FACT/NETCORD standard. And quality management system has been based on the ISO 9002 since the first acquisition in 2001 April. 101 patients have received CBT from Tokyo Cord Blood Bank in Japan, also in USA, New Zealand, Chile and Vietnam through NETCORD or AsiaCORD by March 2002. Myeloid and platelet recovery in adults patients were not delayed compared to control child patients. But the recovery speed was influenced by number of CD34+ cell and colony formation. No significant difference between direct infusion to the patients after thawing and the removal of DMSO by dilution method at the CBT.

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