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セッションID: B-6
B-6 Electroplating technique for sealing of thermal sprayed coating to enhance corrosion resistance(Session: Thin films)
Hathaipat KoiprasertPanadda Niranatlumpong
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This research compared the corrosion behavior of the Ni plated and the unplated Hastelloy C-276 and stainless steel 316 EAS coatings produced by Electric Arc Spraying in 2M NaOH solution at 25℃ using electrochemical technique. The results can be summarized that Ni platings of a few microns thick as a sealant can improve the corrosion resistance of the EAS coatings. The as-sprayed Hastelloy C-276 coating exhibits higher corrosion rate than the as-sprayed stainless steel 316 coating. The corrosion behavior can be improved further by smoothening of the EAS coating surfaces before plating. The corrosion resistances of the smoothened Hastelloy C-276 coatings, both plated and unplated, are superior to those of the stainless steel 316 coatings.

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