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Japan is the earthquake-prone country. Therefore, structures in Japan require high safety. Base-isolated system satisfies that conditions, so the number of Base-isolated structure shows a tendency to increase. Nevertheless, the number of Base-isolated structure is few in number by comparison with the aseismic structure. Consequently, seismic records of base-isolated structure are insufficient in quantity. Due to reason like this, seismometers are installed in base-isolated structure. In addition, seismic records using seismometers are carried out positively. Seismic records are used for the calculation of structure vibrational properties. Structure vibrational properties are very important in performing the validity examination of the design. Furthermore, These parameters can also be applied to analytical model that replays seismic behavior. It is available for various things such as indication of evacuations, and examination of repair that reproduce seismic behavior of the building. In this paper, we handle a base-isolated structure that continues seismic records. First, we calculated both primary natural frequencies and spectrum intensity by using seismic records of target buildings. Next, we constructed an analytical model that can be changed building stiffness depend on primary natural frequencies and spectrum intensity. Then, using that model carried out earthquake response analysis. Consequently, analysis results that are close to seismic records are obtained.

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