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The noise from the forging machine has been a serious problem. In order to reduce impact vibration, the momentum exchange impact dampers have been proposed in the previous researches. The basic principle of this damper is based on the energy transfer of the collision of three rigid bodies. This impact damper consists of a spring and a mass that is contacted with the bed of the forging machine. This impact damper is effective when the mass is nearly equal to the mass of the bed of the forging machine. However, the mass of the damper is usually insufficient for practical use. In order to solve this problem, Miyazaki et al. proposed an impact damper using pre-compressed spring; however, the effectiveness of this method was not verified through experiments. In this study, this problem is solved by using an electromagnet and a capacitor. The electrical current flows through the coil when the impact damper passes through the coil. The electromagnetic force is generated by the electrical current, and the electromagnetic force suppresses the vibration of the host structure. The effectiveness of the proposed method was verified through simulations and experiments.

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