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Online ISSN : 2424-3116
A Preliminary Study on Self ADL Training for the Visually Impaired Based on a Parametric-speaker Robot
Hotaka TakizawaKoji KainouMayumi AoyagiNobuo EzakiShinji Mizuno
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p. 239-240


In our previous work, we proposed a network-based activity-in-daily-life training system to enable a sighted trainer to train a visually impaired trainee to use various objects in a daily environment. The previous system had a problem that one sighted trainer was constrained to the training for one visually impaired trainee. During the training, the trainer was not able to train another trainee. In this report, we improve the system to allow a visually impaired trainee to retrain, by him/herself, what he/she learned from a sighted trainer. An experimental result of user study is shown.

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