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Design and Development of Built-in-Clutch Joint for Single-Drive and Multi-Degrees of Freedom Manipulator
Saki MoritaDaiki MoriGenya Ishigami
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p. 257-258


This study presents a joint mechanism that enables a manipulator to possess a multiple degrees of freedom with a single drive actuating unit. The joint called a Built-in-Clutch Joint (BCJ) is composed of an electromagnetic clutch, brake, and a belt pulley system. The joint is driven by a motor via the belt and pulleys when the clutch on the BCJ is engaged and the brake is disengaged. In addition, the joint angular velocity can be arbitrarily controlled by changing pulse width of input signal to the clutch. This study confirms the concept of the BCJ, and experimentally evaluates its mechanical design and performance based on the joint reachability and the transmission efficiency.

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